Elizabeth Howard ’72: Illuminating Opportunities for Change

“艺术家来这里是为了扰乱和平,詹姆斯·鲍德温宣布, whose activism and groundbreaking literary life inspires the 急性子 播客 1972年由伊丽莎白·霍华德主持. Like Baldwin, Howard uses her communication skills to help illuminate opportunities for change.

照片由Brian Shumway提供

Howard’s willingness to take a stand against society’s shortcomings began early on, 十几岁时,她去了路易斯维尔, KY, 致力于民权问题. She recently reconnected with Louisville through a 播客 segment in a conversation with the director of Speed Art Museum focused on “保证证人回忆,” an exhibition dedicated to the life of Breonna Taylor, 还有关于种族主义的抗议和对话, 暴力, 以及她被杀后的警务工作.

作为一名大学生, Howard participated in the inaugural Earth Day in 1970, and notes how the experiences of today’s students mirror her own. “I graduated in 1972 and it’s the same kind of turbulence now that it was when I was at 普利茅斯”她说. “我们也经历了政治动荡和战争. 在某些方面,这是一个类似的变革时期.”

A Plymouth State bachelor’s degree in English is among the credentials that led to Howard’s success as an author, 记者, 创意总监, 通信顾问, 和企业家. She held communications positions for two Fortune 500 corporations and is founder and principal of an international corporate communications and marketing consulting firm. Her articles on topics around communications and marketing have been published in the United States and internationally. She has a “Letter from New York” that is published monthly in 印度经济与市场.

在她的职业生涯, Howard encouraged business clients to undertake scenario planning and to look beyond their immediate needs. 她敦促协作, 灵活性, 自发性, 响应性, and involvement in broader social concerns as a way to earn greater public trust and acceptance.

Howard’s professional achievements have been paralleled by her significant accomplishments in advancing the public good, whether as president of a nonprofit settlement house, helping to start an NGO around gun 暴力 and the teaching of conflict resolution, or serving as CEO of the Ovarian Cancer Re搜索 Fund. She continues to be involved in social issues related to  issues of food and clothing insecurity, 系统性的种族主义, 投票权, 和环境, 其他的话题. 用今天PSU的话说, these “wicked problems” are also highly motivating to current college students.

Howard maintains that the best way to prepare students for an uncertain world is “to listen and to encourage,” which she will do along with sharing her expertise later this semester as a guest presenter in a Communication and Media Studies course. She also believes in lifelong learning and holds graduate degrees from the Pratt Institute and George Washington University.

Students will benefit from Howard’s expansive worldview formed by a lifetime of experiences, 包括在英国的学术研究, on the ground re搜索 into Ethiopian food insecurity, 去发展中国家旅游. She was in Pakistan in the early aughts and had firsthand knowledge of its remote, rural schools. 当时, the US was pouring a great deal of post-9/11 money into educational programs, 霍华德意识到, rather than sponsoring exchanges of educators to urban centers, rural Pakistanis could relate better to similar mountainous communities in America. Her insight led to the creation of the Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) in 2004, which for many years brought South Asian educators to Plymouth State to learn about best practices in education and exemplary models in professional development and pedagogy.

Howard remains deeply rooted to New Hampshire, which inspired 安妮女王蕾丝和野黑莓派这是她在利特尔顿长大的回忆录. Her mother and aunts were Plymouth State alumnae, and her grandfather worked at the Draper & Maynard building, then a leading baseball glove manufacturing facility. Her local connections continue via a regular column in the 拉科尼亚每日的太阳, and she proudly maintains ties with her alma mater. She spoke about the University’s importance during a recent return to campus, during which she donated detailed portfolios from her corporate communications career to the Lamson Library archives.

After having lived and worked in urban settings for so many years, the North Country native appreciates Plymouth State’s ability to bridge the gap between rural and urban. “Americans are parochial and it’s important that students have the opportunity to experience another culture,”霍华德说. “This doesn’t necessarily mean traveling to another country. 为新Hampshirites, it might just be spending time in the Deep South or on the West Coast, while urban dwellers can benefit from the lakes and mountains that form the PSU perspective.”